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Deep Blue Azores Diving Center

Ready, Set, Go


DEEP BLUE Azores Diving Center provides an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time in the ocean. Whether it’s a divers first experience or experienced diver looking for something new.
Our individual activities range from the traditional diving tours, snorkeling and free diving to the specialty programs as whale watching, swimming with dolphins and fishing tours.
These programs allow our divers to focus on what they love most.

Diving Trip:
Scuba Diving Fun Dive

65 € / pax

Diving Trip:
Don João Castro Bank

Diving Trip:
Discover Scuba Diving

275€ / pax (min. 4 pax)

225€ / pax (max.12pax)

120 € / pax

Diving Trip:

Rate: 55 € / pax

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